Friday, May 20, 2016

Senate green lights HUD's demographic engineering of US communties

GOPe in the senate gave HUD funding rousing approval yesterday, knowing full well Obama plans to use the money to begin socially engineering demographic changes in suburbia. Georgia's Isakson and Perdue among the majority approving the funding bill, while only a handful of conservatives including Jeff Sessions, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Jeff Flake voted nay.

Ted Cruz was a no-show.


Thursday's Senate Roll Call

Recent story on coming changes to HUD's Section 8 program

GOP tabled an amendment that would have halted some of HUD's social re-engineering efforts

Post on HUD social tinkering from 2013


  1. Hey Doug;

    The democrats want to move the inner cities masses into lilywhite republican areas to dilute the mix and they will backfill the cities with illegals from 3rd world countries. I know, it sounds like a crackpot tinfoil hat kinda thing but I believe that this is the ultimate intent. I am bothered that GA's senators voted yes, I guess they are afraid that they will be called Racist". This underscores why the establishment doesn't understand why the rage of Trump voters, the establishment hacks ain't affected by invasion and its effects, the rest of us peons are, hence the disassociation from the party and the people.

    1. It doesn't sound "crackpot tinfoil" when you can see it's already happening. And the more the cities resemble foreign ghettos, the faster the productive citizens who still reside there will leave. It's a nasty business, this progressive fundamental transformation of America.