Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Understanding Trump's appeal, and why progressive Democrats are scared

"FDR understood radio, he triumphed. JFK understood television, he triumphed. Obama understood the Internet, he triumphed. What you have with Donald Trump is a guy who understands social media and reality television, the media of today. Saying crazy stuff gets you more followers, more viewers, and that's what he's doing. He's not going to gaffe himself out of this election. Not gonna happen." - Van Jones

Not often I quote Van Jones, but he gets it here. Trump knows how to communicate to a dumbed-down America; his lack of sophistication is intentional because that's not who we are as a nation any longer. If you've embraced reality TV and/or the more bizarre or crude side of social (and other) media, you've perhaps played part in blazing the trail Trump's now walking.

Jones presently warns progressives that Trump really can win the presidency. 

Wanna stop the surge that's fundamentally transforming America? Guys like Jones seem to see Trump as a huge threat to the progressive agenda.

Meanwhile, Trump's appeal is broad enough that some Democrats are already starting break ranks as they take in what's happening with the Trump phenomenon.

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