Friday, June 3, 2016

Light posting, lots to do...

Expecting to close on a rental property I'm selling early next week.

And I'm scouting additional real estate for purchase beyond the bounds of the metro area.

So things are a little busy.

When traveling, I'm deliberately staying off Interstate highways. Gotta say, I seem to be seeing more closed businesses along roadsides, and there'd be more empty storefronts than there are in small town downtowns if it weren't for antique stores and thrift shops.

Even some communities without big box competitors in close proximity seem to have lost many, if not most, their new-trade retailers. Drove a stretch of state highway yesterday where I went at least 20 miles without seeing a functioning gas station.

On the flip side, suburbia's become so over-saturated with retail, it's hard to imagine many of the competitors see enough market share to make being in business worthwhile.

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