Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday morning thoughts on Sunday's Orlando mass murder

I will not attempt any sort of comprehensive recap on what happened in Orlando over the weekend, others have done so, and we'll be saturated with additional media in the come days.

Most of Sunday, I was in rural areas, often with spotty cell service. I was focused on prospecting possible real estate purchases. Didn't even hear of the Orlando attack until a daughter made me aware late afternoon/almost early evening Sunday.

Thoughts and prayers go out to victims of Sunday's attack as well as their families. But I sincerely hope those impacted by this vile attack are not naive enough to be exploited by would-be gun grabbing activists who would like to use Sunday's attack to further infringe on the Second Amendment. I know, I'm asking a lot.

Among first things I noticed was the Orlando attack was that it happened in a 'gun free' zone, as it is my understanding that Florida residents and others with concealed carry permits are not allowed to bring guns into establishments that serve alcohol.

We're also now told the Sunday morning attacker worked as a security guard, that he'd been reported to his employer for hostile comments on the job, and had previously been interviewed by the FBI over potential ties to Islamic extremism.

Just days before the Orlando attack, ISIS vowed a major attack on Florida. Prior to this attack, the Orlando killer declared an allegiance to ISIS, apparently so there would be no mistaking his motive.

Yet, there are those in government (and elsewhere) who downplay or deny Islamic influences were at work in the Orlando attack, and are likely at work even now plotting additional attacks.

Political correctness provides no protection. In fact, it appears political correctness provides layers of cover for those seeking to commit mass murder.

It's time America loses this PC mindset when it comes to Islam, and face up to the fact there are indeed adherents to Islamic teaching who openly advocate waging a violent and bloody war on the American home front against those they see as failing to submit to societal norms advocated in the Koran.

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