Sunday, July 10, 2016

They blew him up

"If that's not enough the shooter in Dallas was cornered -- "treed" if you will, isolated in a parking garage from which he could not escape.  Rather than wait him out and arrest him, then go through this entire pesky "due process" thing including a trial and sentence even though he was not presently shooting at anyone the police instead mounted a bomb on a robot and blew him up.  You got that folks?  Yeah, he was obviously guilty as hell but if you catch someone having just killed your daughter and he's cornered in your shed, either out of ammo or choosing not to shoot at that time, you cannot blow the shed up rather than arrest him!  Due process of law?  What's that?" - Karl Denninger, writing at Market Ticker.

If bomb laden robots are now okay, what other new weaponry might police next consider adding to their inventory?

Remember the good old days of America, perhaps less than a generation ago, when police deemed a five or six round revolver, and maybe a shotgun, as sufficient armament to meet most any threat?

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