Monday, July 11, 2016

Unity? Lefties don't want no stinkin' unity.

"Did Obama try unity? Of course not – he divided Americans into the good ones who agree with him and us bad ones who refuse to kneel and bow. Leftists don’t want unity and they don’t want peace. Community organizers succeed when they divide; they need discord and hate to survive. Understand that all this discord and hate is not a bug. To them, it is a feature." - Kurt Schlichter, writing at

It's a good article.

But let me add my own postscript:

Frikkin' GOP leadership still seems stuck on the idea they can surrender their way out of what's unfolding, either failing to see, or failing to acknowledge their appeasement is as much responsible for bringing us to to the brink as the actions of those who intended it to happen.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    The problem with Obama is that he still acts like a community activist and not a president for all Americans.