Thursday, July 21, 2016

Who watched the Republican convention?

I've read news reports, and seen some clips, but I've watched none of the live coverage of the Republican convention. First time I've completely skipped watching at least some since... well, I don't exactly remember if I watched in 1960 since I was three at the time. But I've watched at least some live coverage every election cycle since until now.

Fact is, if the Republican can blow a great opportunity, they will.

The petty egos of those in the party establishment refuse to make amends with the people.

The nation is unraveling under the Obama agenda to fundamentally change  America.  The saddest part is, for nearly seven years, the Republican Party has been in a position to either stop or slow the orchestrated unraveling but was too cowardly or otherwise unwilling to do so.

I'm not expecting miracles at this point.

I fully expect more dire times lay ahead.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    I saw snippits of Ted's speech...he shot himself in the foot. He put ego over country and was a sore loser. Now I see where republican women are organizing for Hillary. Dang, the establishment knows how to get people pissed at them.