Wednesday, August 10, 2016

NeverTrumper suggests throwing the election, and let oligarchs negotiate a Clinton presidency

There are some dangerous people out there.  And they're getting bolder.

I read with interest that there's a member of the NeverTrump coalition who now advocates that Republicans throw the presidential election process, and gave an oligarchy cut deals so that Hillary Clinton rises to the presidency.

Via Breitbart:
The Daily Caller’s Senior Writer Jamie Weinstein, a member of the “NeverTrump” faction, has proposed a “negotiated Republican surrender” to Hillary Clinton. The suggested deal rests on the assumption that Clinton is “on a glide path to the White House,” and that Republicans would do best to appease her now.
Do these NeverTrumpers think Clinton would honor their deal once she's in office?

Do these NeverTrumpers think any Republican down-ticket on the ballot in November is worth of election or re-election if the party actively works to rig, throw or otherwise sabotage a national election?

Don't tell me the NeverTrumper camp is based on constitutional purity. Its members are outing themselves as the worst sort of traitors to the very document they pretend to hold so dear.

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  1. hey Doug;

    if the "never Trumpers" succeed, the GOP can kiss off any chance of being a viable political party after 2016. the people on "flyover land" will not trust them again and if people are "disenfranchised", it means that the pitchforks and tar and feathers will soon be popular again.