Monday, September 12, 2016

This time, being caught might have lasting consequences

"So the campaign chose to lie. The potential reward was considerable: namely, an absence of politically damaging news stories about Clinton's medical condition. But the risk was enormous — and it's blown up in their faces. Because now the story isn't just that Clinton is ill. It's that, once again, she's untrustworthy — and this time about her own health." - Damon Linker, writing at The Week

Reuters also notes:
Clinton's campaign is likely to be pressed on why she did not make her pneumonia diagnosis public until late Sunday.
I think the answer's obvious.

The Clinton campaign thought the damage contained. It had corralled the lapdog "mainstream" media at a safe distance from its candidate, and  believed it had whisked its limp and wobbling nominee to safety without being caught on video.

Then some guy with a camera phone and a Twitter account went and ruined the ruse.

One more, this one from Twitter...

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