Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's this serious

"Hillary Clinton holds the match. The Democrat party owns the gasoline. Both are ready to douse America to burn it down to below its foundation." - Steven Crowder, as reposted at

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  1. Hey Doug;

    That is my attitude, I still ain't crazy about Hillary but I do know the stakes from SCOTUS to a myriad of other issues, I can't fathom why certain members of the GOP want to vote for Hillary out of some ideological purity. If Hillary gets elected and I am afraid that despite all that Donald has done, the fix is in and Hillary will be president #45. I fear for the state of the country and what state of the country my Son will grow up into. I have been considering telling him when he turns 18 to consider becoming an EXPAT so he won't get his earnings seized to support an bankrupt system that will treat him like crap because he is a Christian White Male and the system will screw him over in the name of "equality"