Sunday, October 9, 2016

Suspicious timing of the Trump leak

I watched some of Saturday political coverage on TV. Self righteous ABC news folks were among those who attacked Donald Trump for his sexually charged comments. Cokie Roberts says sexual assault is serious business, and Trump can't be forgiven. Same Cokie Roberts doesn't bother to mention the Clinton family;s alleged record on sexual abuse, assault and/or rape.

For that matter, consider the now-known behaviors of John Kennedy while in office, or others in the Kennedy clan. Has any Democrat or mainstream media personality ever said a Kennedy needed to abandon a political campaign?

In other news, 800 Haitians died in a hurricane last week, we may never know how many of these desperate people might have survived had the Clinton Foundation delivered on promises of hurricane proof housing. Also largely obscured this weekend are Hillary Clinton's leaked comments where she praised the idea of a North American common market and open U.S. borders. All MSM or GOPe, not to mention the Dems, want us to focus us on are some crude comments by Donald Trump made a decade ago.

Some in Republican circles, especially in Republican establishment circles, say they're revoking their support for Trump.

We're being played. The Trump leak appears deliberately timed to distract from the latest Clinton failings and revelations. GOPe has learned nothing this election cycle. It seems to think President Clinton will be their friend.

GOPe is, in reality, more foolish than my mind can fathom.


  1. Hey Doug;

    there is a phrase I like to use.."When the MSN goes full meltdown...what are they trying to distract us from...

  2. Hey Doug;

    There is a lot of speculation that the audio was leaked by the establishment GOP to discredit Trump and perhaps force him to drop out to "save the party" or some nonsense.