Sunday, November 13, 2016

First person observations

I was out shopping in a clothing store with my daughter for a brief time yesterday. I'd say a third of the people in the store might have been immigrants (accents and attire were my cues). A couple of women were wearing hijabs. Plenty of cars in the parking lot, some had Trump stickers.

I didn't witness any hostility, or tenseness.

Most everyone seemed quite cordial. Strangers expressing kind words to one another as they dealt with this Saturday afternoon shopping crowd. Cashiers were conversational and full of good cheer as they processed long and diverse lines of customers checking out.

Gotta wonder how many of those caught up in the present anti-Trump hysteria have even ventured out since election day.


And on Sunday evening...

Out to dinner. Mexican restaurant. Light crowd. Mix of Anglos and Latinos. No identifiable sense of anti-Trump hysteria. Didn't hear his name mentioned by either Spanish or English speakers.

They sat us in the room where an NFL game is on TV. No one is watching the game, I'm thinking this would be unthinkable a year ago.

Life goes on.

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