Monday, November 28, 2016

They say it's gonna rain

Supposedly some monster scale rain is coming tonight. Suddenly realized my Ranger pick-up was parked front first on a a downward sloping driveway, meaning the bed would flood if the rains do come. Tried to back it out, and wheels just spun atop all the leaves that blew down today. Eventually managed to rock it out, and pull rear-first into our more established parking pad.

Some serious wind on the mountain tonight. I think I recall riding out hurricanes that weren't quite this noisy.

We've had no appreciable rain in more than a month. Maybe it's been two months. So, I'm looking forward to the forecast overnight downpour. However, watching weather radar, it seems most the rain is tracking to the northeast out of Mississippi and Alabama, much of it appears to be escaping up into Tennessee before ever reaching the Georgia line.

Update: First of the rain began hitting my location about 10:20 pm EST, kinda strange hearing rain on the roof. Haven't had any rain in a significant way since summer.

Hoping and praying what rain missed us ends up over Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN. Mandatory evacuations there tonight because of wildfires whipped into a frenzy by today's winds.

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