Thursday, November 17, 2016

Weed and guns don't mix

More states are legalizing marijuana in one way or another. 

Some now okay  recreational use, some only relax their laws to allow for marijuana's medical use.

Florida's the latest to widen the gate to use of medical marijuana.
"But what few people are talking about is how using marijuana  – medical or not – strips you of your gun rights. Florida can pass all the pro-marijuana laws it wants, but pot’s still a Schedule I controlled substance under Federal law – and Federal law trumps state law when it comes to drugs. And guns." - Attorney Cynthia Clark, at The Gun Writer
Advocates for medical and recreational marijuana push state by state for change at the state level, often with mainstream media cheering them on. Seldom mentioned by either the activists or the media is the "gotcha" that's cooked in by the conflict with federal firearms law.

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