Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Where it goes from here

Last night on CNN, when it became evident Clinton lost, Van Jones almost immediately began insisting on concessions from the Trump camp, in the name of reconciliation.

Democrats will still make some plays, trying to control agenda. Big question is, will Republicans show backbone, and back Trump. I'm not sure Dems would blow what's left of their political capital if they know it will be wasted.

And while the first post-election 24 hours is critical in setting tone, Democrats and MSM really do appear to be blind sided by what happened last night. They're still in shock. We won't know how they'll play going forward until their numbness wears off.

Obama too, may help set the tone for Democrats. Will he use his final months to stir more discord? Or does he decide he wasted enough of his legacy trying to prop up a flawed candidate like Hillary Clinton?

Sad to say, there's some Democrats who will deliberately trash America if they can't see America remade along the lines of their progressive whims. Others may welcome a chance for a more pragmatic, less ideology driven government.

Anybody hear from Pelosi yet?


How many Republicans in DC are ticked off this morning, knowing their party now has to lead rather than fund raise and campaign exclusively on blaming a Democrat president?

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  1. Hey Doug;

    The dems are talking concessions....what happened to the concessions when Obama won and the GOP had some ideas and was told " We won, you lost..." I am not really feeling the concessions because if it had been the other way, they would make a point of rubbing our faces in it.