Thursday, December 8, 2016

Busy times...

Building/re-balancing stock portfolios. The stock market continues to perform. But my fear of heights is also well past the kicking-in stage.

Had repairs done to the cabin roof. Had a few leaks there, primarily due to age, but recent windstorm aggravated the issues.

More grounds clearing at the cabin. Can now see down to the small stream at the edge of the property.

Catching up on things at home as well, things kinda got away from me being off in the mountains so much.

Expecting to blog more regularly now that things seem to be settling down.

There's still a bunch of people I deal with on social media who remain rabidly anti-Trump. They keep touting his "hate." Best I can tell, the most tangible thing coming from the Trump transition team is jobs, and potential for more jobs, to return to the U.S. Makes me wonder where our economy, and overall political outlook would be if we'd elected a Trump in 2008 instead of an Obama. I also suspect a lot of the current divide we see in America and its politics is a result of the Obama era sluggish economy. Gotta wonder if the division will decline as an economy heats up, if that's what's in the cards.

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