Sunday, January 8, 2017

A method to Trump's apparent madness

The core of the Democratic Party and its top social justice warrior allies vow obstruction of the upcoming Trump presidency.

But will they be any more successful than the Republicans who thought themselves sure to best Trump in the Republican primaries... or fare any better than the sure-to-win Clinton campaign?

Don Dickinson calls my attention to something called OODA.

And according to Don's assessment, OODA may explain who and why Trump, thus far, has been unstoppable:

Whether he consciously knows it or not, Trump is doing what is called getting inside the enemy's OODA Loop. 

The OODA Loop was first described by COL John Boyd an USAF fighter pilot and military philosopher. If you are not familiar with him and his work, it has extensive coverage on the web. 
Their are more elaborate versions of the loop than the simple one that Boyd first promulgated. The complex versions add nothing and detract in the sense that the whole idea of the OODA Loop is to be so fast that you go around more quickly than your enemy--getting inside his loop--and are taking new actions before your enemy has responded adequately to your actions. 
The problem for the never Trump reps, the dems, and and the left in general is that by seizing Twitter as a response mechanism, Trump's ideas go directly from his mind to the people. This makes it impossible for the enemy to get inside his loop. The enemy is doomed to responding to his initiatives. This is a big deal because the media and the left long ago gained what they thought was permanent control of the national agenda. "Well, President Bush, how long have you been a racist, sexist, Islamaphobe?" Thus trapping their target in responding to their bogus but destructive agenda. Of course, Bush was such an idiot that he did not respond at all which gave his enemies total control of the message.
Under this assessment, even Trump's most seemingly trivial Tweets may play part in keeping adversaries on defensive, forcing them to spend time and resources choosing which to respond to, which to ignore, keeping them forever on the defensive.

Look for Don and I to discuss Trump and his seemingly use of OODA on our Friday, January 13th, webcast.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    WHat you said makes sense. since the 90's the liberal elitist and their lackeys in the media have control of the narrative and are able to spin it for their benefit. the sad thing is that they created the "Trump Phenomenon" by blocking all news that went counter to 'The Narrative".