Sunday, January 8, 2017

No longer snow bound

Drove down the mountain today. Looked as if someone put salt down on the steepest part of the narrow, twisty access road, and the drive down was easy.

Would not have done it with a two-wheel drive vehicle.

Drove around a bit, main roads were no problem, but bridges on side roads were paved in ice.

Getting back up the mountain to my cabin was a little tougher than getting down, but not scary using the AWD Subaru. That said, I'm in for the night. Now that the sun's down, some melting snow will refreeze as ice.

I may get out again tomorrow.

I may wait another day.

There are things that need doing that require getting out. But I'd rather do them when temps get back above freezing.

Among the best things about mountain living is how laid back it can be.

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