Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome to my world. An update

Snowfall stopped early Saturday morning, and Saturday showed to be a sunny snow covered day. Very little melting of the three inch snowfall, temperatures never got above freezing.

The cabin lost power about 11:20 pm Saturday night, but I had a robust fire, so I wasn't going to freeze. I also had battery lanterns at the ready as well.

I also had a Big Buddy propane heater at the ready. I don't like to use portable propane heaters inside, and never would while sleeping. But the cabin's rather drafty, so I probably would have been okay. Used it for a short time to check function, then shut it down and kept it in ready reserve mode.

Happy to say power was restored shortly after 1:20 am Sunday morning. With the fireplace, and that short assist from the Buddy, temperature in the cabin's main room didn't drop below 60. Outdoor temp showed being in the high teens.

Once power came back, I let the fire die out over night. I've love to get another going in the fireplace this morning, but my back porch wood rack is running low. There's plenty more firewood a 40 foot walk away, but with wind chills in single digits, I'll put off resupplying the porch.

I still have firewood at hand that would give me four to six, maybe even eight hours of wood-burning heat. I'll refrain from using it, however, until I resupply, or need it to stay warm in another power outage.

Bacon, biscuits and coffee for breakfast after sleeping in past 9.

Life's good.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    Glad you are keeping warm, here in my neck of the woods, all we got was some ice and sleet. I like the look of your cabin, since the mid 80's I wanted to buy a cabin as a bolt hole in SHTF, but the yuppies discovered North GA mountains and the price skyrocketed. Oh well.