Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Anti-Trump fever still grips the Left

Some on the political left seem to think the FBI will be going after Trump, if it isn't already.

If the FBI (or any other federal agency) couldn't pull off a slam dunk prosecution of a Clinton, what makes anyone thing they could nail Trump?

And if they try to cook up a case a case against Trump while letting the Democrats walk?

How's that gonna go over with the "deplorables"?

The good ol' USA in walking a tight-rope right now.

Are progressives ready for the ugly side of what happens if they upset her fragile balance?

Trump's first State of the Union is tonight.

Can't wait to hear it. Can't wait to hear all the anti-Trump spin that follows.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hollywood hates Trump, desires Chinese investment... Hmmm...

Does Hollywood hate Trump because it sees him as a stumbling block to Chinese investment, Chinese takeovers of Hollywood studios?

America's largest movie theater chain is also owned by the Chinese.

Remember how Hollywood recut the "Red Dawn" remake, deleting China as the enemy, replacing it with North Korea?

Funny how some Hollywood types allege Trump's under Russia's thumb at the very same time they'd gladly sell out to China.

Updated 10:13 am est 2/27/2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mountain brew

Blue Ridge, Georgia is home to at least two microbreweries.

Fannin Brewing offers tours and tastings from time to time. "Dogs and kids are welcome - but bring your ID, you must be 21 to taste," they say.

From the bottom of a Fannin Brewing six pack carton.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Anti-Trump cattiness

"Cats Against Trump" bumper sticker available online.

I can't help but notice this anti-Trump cat seems to borrow heavily from IWW's "Sabocat." 

Sabocat was the mascot of the International Workers of the World, a union most active around the dawn of the past century. IWW advocated the practice of wokers slowing production, even committing outright sabotage, to win concessions from employers. 

Sabocat fits right in with calls by today's so-called "progressives" who vow in their opposition to Trump to make America "ungovernable."

Friday, February 24, 2017

Trump v Media

I've not followed the current Trump v Media war close enough this week to profess to know exactly where each side stands at present. But I think the media needs to get over its self indulgent First Amendment games. Yes, First Amendment guarentees a free press. But it's not an endorsement any present media outlet or its present day practices. 

As for anonymous sourcing, I don't know what rules, if any, guide today's media. Meida used to be very cautious about such things, but a bunch of the stuff that flies today as "mainstream media reporting" would likely have never gotten past editors if media had half the internal checks and balances it had a decade or two ago.

As for media whinning that some were excluded from a White House press briefing, get over it. The First Amendment guarentees a free press. Go ahead and read it for yourself. Nowhere does the First Amendment guarentee White House access. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What used to entertain us...

Surfing through some old movie titles while waiting on an appliance delivery, I came across this one from 1950.

Absolutely mind blowing what made for Hollywood box office in 1950. It was apparently an era when intellect was a mainstream American trait.

Impeachment, coup, civil war

In recent weeks, I've seen reports of Leftist ramblings advocating Trump impeachment, military or CIA coup, or even civil war.

There may be enough mad dog leftists to get a civil war started. But how many have given any though to what one would be like if such a thing gets started.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wrong priorities, no functional sense of place

"Young adults are floundering in high school, or 'graduating' as functional illiterates despite the vaunted widespread application of computer 'technology.' They can do Instagram on a cell phone, but they can’t read an application for a driver’s license. And the mania for 'diversity and multiculture' has left kids without the armature of an American common culture to successfully mold a life onto." - James Howard Kunstler, at Kunstler.com

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oh, Kellyanne

Kellyanne Conway under fire again.

This time for promoting Ivanka Trump's fashion line.

The Left cries foul. Violation of ethics, they claim.

Did anyone, during the last administation, count how many times Barack Obama openly promoted sales of the Chevy Volt?

At one point, he even promised to buy one once he was out of office.

Anyone know if O bought that Volt yet?

Or was he just pimpin' product for GM?

A well documented pattern of behavior

"The left has aided and abetted genocide from the USSR to Nazi Germany, from Asia to the Middle East, while providing aid and comfort to the monsters behind these horrors. The greatest intellectuals of the left defended the horrific crimes of Communism as they whitewash Islamist crimes today. Nothing has changed." - Daniel Greenfield, at Sultan Knish

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Not reporting, or under reporting, acts of terrorism

President Donald Trump says the U.S. media is not reporting, or under reporting, acts of terrorism.

The media has taken offense to the comments, and calls Trump a liar.

In the case of not reporting, or under-reporting, let me offer a few examples.

How much media attention was given to a unit of the New Mexico National Guard coming under attack by al Qaeda aligned Bedouins in the Sinai four years ago. Happened on the same week as the Benghazi attack.

Or how about another attack, the very same week, that delivered the US Marine Corps their worst loss of aircaft on the ground since WWII....

The Camp Bastion attack got some superficial coverage in some U.S. media, but not much.

Coming on the heels of the 2012 Democratic Convention, Democrat favoring US media perhaps thought it best to downplay the trifecta of al Qaeda ops, seeing as though John Kerry had assured us through the DNC that al Qaeda was on the run.

To what degree did US media report on the slaying of a Catholic priest in France last year? Some may have given it mention, but if you wanted detailed, you had to look across the pond to outlets like BBC or Daily Mail...

How eager is U.S. media to report on Taliban (or other) detainees released from Gitmo returning to the active terrorist roster?

During the Libyan uprising, U.S. media was woefully absent in questioning who the rebels were that Obama and Clinton were so eager to assist. If you read foreign accounts, many of those seeking to oust Gadaffi cut their combat teeth waging war against U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq.

Trump's not nearly as off base as the uppitty media make it sound.

On CBS's Monday night news cast, they edited Trump's remarks to make it sound like terror attacks in the US were what he was speaking of. If you go and listen to Trump's address, he was specificially speaking of a wider, at least European view.

Anyone see Tina Fey's movie last year, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. As a correspondent in Afghanistan, Fey's character flies back to NYC, in an attempt to battle for more airtime. Fey's told by the network's boss that reseach shows American audiences don't want to see it, so such pieces will only recieve limited airing. Such is the mindset with much of the terrorism coverage by US media regarding incidents outside the U.S. The sensational gets attention, but bunches of smaller events get intentionally passed over.

By the way, for those who didn't see or hear Trump's address to the troops at MacDill, look it up online.  The men and women in the audience cheered wildly for their new commander-in-chief.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

A surge of Swastikas?

CNN reports swastika graffiti in three cities has people "unnerved."

Is it coincidence swastikas showed up in Houston, Chicago and NYC in a close time frame?

Or does vandalism like this happen frequently, but can be made to sound more alarming when potentially isolated incidents are strung together?

As for the swastikas themselves, the photo out of Chicago looks menacing . But the images shown were pre-printed, and used in a hit-and-run vandalism attack.

The image shown on a New York subway doesn't look much like a Nazi swastika, it lacks the tell-tale tilt. I'd give at least 50-50 odds it's from a false-flagger. The NYC image appears more in line with an ancient symbol than one ascribed to the Nazis.

Of course, you never know what's behind acts like these until the perps are found and true intent is learned.

Clearly, some kind of provocation is involved here. But by whom, and for what intent, remains unknown.

I also found it odd how CNN managed to work in a tweet from Chelsea Clinton into its story.

Gotta wonder if CNN's choice of the Chelsea tweet is part of some informal soft-sell, intentional or not, in anticipation of a soon to be announced political campaign.

Some folks are already cringing at that possibility.

Made me laugh

Via Twitter:

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Coup coup ka choo

Democrats are starting to opening talk of a military coup to remove President Trump from office.

Comedian Sarah Silverman is one.

So's this former Obama team insider who presently lists "law professor" as her occupation.

My question: Where do these Democrats think they're going to find a military willing to carry out their fantasy?

Democrats go hysterical over Trump infrastructure talk

Democrats say Trump's a fascist. His calls for infrastructure spending proves it, they say.

Guess this guy is a fascist too, by their criteria.

It was Ike Eisenhower who got America's Interstate highway system rolling.

Heck, Barack Obama touted infrastructure spending too.

And not a single Democrat I know of used his call to compare Obama to Hitler.

One more thing about Eisenhower, mid-way through his time in office, there was a direct and open program to depart illegal aliens.

It is what it is

Yet another "night of broken glass" delivered by a pro-Democrat/anti-Trump mob seeming obsessed with ending free speech.

This time, at U.C. Berkeley.