Sunday, February 5, 2017

A surge of Swastikas?

CNN reports swastika graffiti in three cities has people "unnerved."

Is it coincidence swastikas showed up in Houston, Chicago and NYC in a close time frame?

Or does vandalism like this happen frequently, but can be made to sound more alarming when potentially isolated incidents are strung together?

As for the swastikas themselves, the photo out of Chicago looks menacing . But the images shown were pre-printed, and used in a hit-and-run vandalism attack.

The image shown on a New York subway doesn't look much like a Nazi swastika, it lacks the tell-tale tilt. I'd give at least 50-50 odds it's from a false-flagger. The NYC image appears more in line with an ancient symbol than one ascribed to the Nazis.

Of course, you never know what's behind acts like these until the perps are found and true intent is learned.

Clearly, some kind of provocation is involved here. But by whom, and for what intent, remains unknown.

I also found it odd how CNN managed to work in a tweet from Chelsea Clinton into its story.

Gotta wonder if CNN's choice of the Chelsea tweet is part of some informal soft-sell, intentional or not, in anticipation of a soon to be announced political campaign.

Some folks are already cringing at that possibility.

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