Friday, March 17, 2017

Deep state, Trump trends, and crashing firearms pricing...

A regular listener says this week's Don and Doug was one of our better shows.

Don offers perspective on how the so-called deep state has come to lean hard to the left.

Last 45 minutes of the program, we get into the hows and whys behind the rapid drop in some modern retail firearm prices - and what some of the ramifications may be of an apparent gun glut.


  1. Hey Doug;

    I have not seen a glut yet on firearms or ammo for that matter. If Her Royal Highness got the vote instead of Trump, gun sales would still be very heavy. I am looking for the price of .22LR to drop or become available again. Many people like me will still continue to buy firearms and ammo because we got a reprieve or a stay of execution. Who knows what the democrats will do when they get the reins of power back.

  2. Agree. This is a good time to buy. A good time to add to an ammo stockpile. Guns and ammo have a long shelf life, and historically have been an good store-of-value because the tend to appreciate in value.

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