Sunday, April 30, 2017

The NRA's fetish for blacklisting

Meant to post this last week, prior to the start of the big NRA show in Atlanta.

But I got distracted.

Taking some time to read other blogs this morning, I see others managed to stay on-point.

Hattip to Mr. Zachary's blog for the reminder.

Here's the article from David Codrea I had intended to post.

Government shutdown

Disregard the chatterings of so-called mainstream media. Ann Coulter redefines "government shutdown."

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Simpsons take on SJWs

A friend sent me this YouTube link to a clip from The Simpsons.

Silly me. I had no idea The Simpsons were still on TV.

It's not an official link, and while it's been up for several weeks, it may vanish at any time should Fox or some other entity claim copyright infringement.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What did you read as a child?

What did your mom or dad read to you before you could read?

Consider what's being passed off as children's books today:

Communism for Kids 
Tales for Little Rebels: A Collection of Radical Children's Literature 
A Rule is to Break: A Child's Guide to Anarchy (Wee Rebels) 
ABCs of Anarchy

Some reviewers say these books have positive communty-oriented messages.

Seems more likely the intent is to ingrain anarchy at a young age, leaving a door open for the more sinister side to seem quite natural later in life.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Some see through the madness

It appears not everyone buys the blatant efforts by so-called MSM to create a Democrat political hero in Chelsea Clinton.

"What comes across with Chelsea, for lack of a gentler word, is self-regard of an unusual intensity. And the effect is stronger on paper. Unkind as it is to say, reading anything by Chelsea Clinton—tweets, interviews, books—is best compared to taking in spoonfuls of plain oatmeal that, periodically, conceal a toenail clipping." - Sal Loeb, as published at Vanity Fair

Another voice heard from in describing Chelsea C.:

"She is Bill Clinton without the charm, Hillary Clinton without the ruthlessness, and full Billary in her bottomless well of inflated entitlement and ideological hackery." - Michelle Malkin, at National Review

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why the light posting?

Been renovating a property in mountains where cell phone service is spotty, and until this week, I didn't have hard Internet connectivity.

Should be wrapping up the lion's share of the renovation by the weekend.

More regular posting should resume when my present 12 to 14 hour work days lighten up a bit.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More range, more firepower

If reports are accurate, it appears the U.S. military is no longer satisfied with its rifles shooting 5.56 ammo. Apparently Afghans toting old school rifles like the Mosin Nagant have revived the notion that size does matter:
According to multiple sources, what started out as a directed requirement for a 7.62 NATO Designated Marksmanship Rifle for issue to Infantry Rifle Squads has grown in scope to increase the Basis of Issue to all personnel in Brigade Combat Teams and perhaps beyond. The genesis of this requirement is overmatch. The troops feel like they’re in a street fight with a guy with longer arms. The 7.62x54R cartridge gives the enemy those longer arms.
Coincidently (or maybe not), I'm seeing more gun retailers increasingly pitching similar rifles in .308 or 7.62x51 to the U.S. civilian market. Just yesterday, I got an email ad flyer suggesting "Now is the time to build that .308 AR Rifle you have always wanted."

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Democratic Socialists

When Bernie Sanders was running for president, Democratic Socialists said they're not really socialists, just an off-shoot within the Democratic Party.

Some insisted they're not Communists, for sure.

But how to they talk among themselves?

How to they brand for internal consumption?

The Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America recently had a little get-together.

They called it "Eat, drink, and be Marxist." 

Fundamental transformation by design

Some say America's schools are failing.

But others see them as reshaping Americans with chilling efficiency.

Educator Patrick Deneen writes:
Our students’ ignorance is not a failing of the educational system – it is its crowning achievement. Efforts by several generations of philosophers and reformers and public policy experts — whom our students (and most of us) know nothing about — have combined to produce a generation of know-nothings. The pervasive ignorance of our students is not a mere accident or unfortunate but correctible outcome, if only we hire better teachers or tweak the reading lists in high school. It is the consequence of a civilizational commitment to civilizational suicide. The end of history for our students signals the End of History for the West.