Friday, May 5, 2017

Lights out

Freak storm knocked down hundreds of trees in my region of the North Georgia mountains Thursday, and plenty of power lines came down with the trees.

Electic power was out at my cabin nearly 12 hours. And even now, power supply seems to be having burps and grunts as crews work to get the lights back on in other nearby communities.

For all the down side, there are some positives.

I now know for sure that the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) on my Internet modem and cell phone repeater provide back up for only about four to five hours here at the cabin (I have much deeper battery reserves and a small solar array at our main home, but have not yet ventured to install such things here in the woods).

I'll also have to go through the refrigerator and cull food that's likely spoiled. Not so much of a problem, as I tend to keep relatively few refrigerated perishables on hand here on the mountain, knowing that storms tend to cause power outages (though typically not lasting more than four hours).

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