Thursday, June 29, 2017

Double standard journalists now seem a bit paranoid

It seems journalists now fret that they may become targets of violence. Of course, they're already assessing blame if it happens.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer cites what he calls a potentially dangerous environment.

Others in media are going much farther:
The Atlantic’s Editor In Chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, on Wednesday said that he suspects that someone who listens to President Trump will see journalists as enemies of the state and carry out a violent attack against them. He said Trump would be responsible for such an attack.
The Trump White House may consider some of these journalists to be "enemies" of the people. But how many times have MSM "journalists" drummed up stories with allegations of Trump committing "treason"tried to get others to say it , or repeated baseless allegations to that affect (often based on now discredited allegations of Trump-Russia collusion)?

If, as Goldberg says, Trump's accountable for future attacks on journalists, shouldn't Democrats (and media) be held accountable for violence targeting Republican members of Congress. After all, Democrats have said Republicans will kill Americans by undoing Obamacare .

Also, by Goldberg's logic, shouldn't those in media, who've labeled or tried to label Trump as treasonous, be culpable if some takes a shot at Trump?

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  1. Hey Doug;

    The media after being in the tank for the democrat and sucking up to Obama and pushing the "Russia" narrative, people are seeing the blatant double standard and the mainstream media is taking it hard in the credibility dept.