Thursday, August 3, 2017

Senate isn't turning it's back on Trump, it never had his back in the first place

The Associated Press is trying to pull my leg with this one:
There wasn’t a dramatic public break or an exact moment it happened. But step by step, Senate Republicans are turning their backs on President Donald Trump.
I don't see a shift. I just see GOPe's phony facade of support crumbling. It never had his back.

People voted for Trump because they'ew fed up with Washington games, and most the Trump support (not all) came from the GOP voter  ranks.

So what do Senate Republicans expect to gain by turning their backs on Trump, and refusing to follow the agenda he (and many senate Republicans) promised?

It appears Republicans on Capitol Hill are so arrogant they can't see disaster ahead. Or maybe, they want disaster, figuring if they sacrifice some members in the midterms,  it means less work for those who survive being part of a perpetual minority Republican Party.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    The senate establishment republicans are more concerned about keeping their power and spot in the trough rather than doing what is good for the people they are supposed to represent.