Sunday, August 13, 2017

Some history and some uncanny similarities.

Germany, 1932.

Some headlines from the New York Times:

REDS AND NAZIS CLASH.; One Killed, One Dying, Score Hurt, German Police Arrest 100.
100 arrested in police raids on Nazis and Reds
February 19, 1932  
TWO GERMANS DIE IN NAZI-RED CLASH; Shot Near Koenigsberg as the Police Intervene -- Fights in Essen and the Saar. NAZIS APPEAL FOR VOTES Headquarters Hails Hitler as the Reich's Savior -- Calls Socialists "Traitorous Knaves."
2 killed, many hurt in Communist attack on Natl Socialists (Nazis); latter issue election appeal
March 03, 1932 
THREE DIE IN REICH CLASHES; Policeman, Nazi and Republican Slain and Many Wounded.
3 dead, many hurt in Nazi-Communist clashes
July 11, 1932  
THREE DIE IN CLASHES; 20 HURT IN GERMANY; Communists Fight Nationalists and Police at Essen, Neurappin and Eschwege.
3 killed, many hurt in Nazi-Communist clashes
July 04, 1932 
Sounds pretty darn close to what happened in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday. Right down the numbers involved in the protests, the clashing ideologies, and the number of casualties.

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