Saturday, August 5, 2017

Uncharted waters

If the political establishment indeed goes to the extreme of using tortured legal trappings as pretext to undo a constitutional election, there indeed will be hell to pay. Congress and others in DC would have done well to pay heed to the message voters sent last November, but DC seems so entrenched in its oligarchy and arrogance, it seems to be searching for off-the-scale ways to ignite full rebellion across the nation.

"So you've got a political establishment, mostly Democratic, but there are some Republicans, who would like to see him taken out of office. That would be a catastrophic mistake. It would cause a rupture in the country..." - Charles Krauthammer on Fox News

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  1. Hey Doug;

    If the democrats are successful in overturning an election that was legal because their feelings are hurt and they are having a temper tantrum. This country will not survive. This past election was a last chance to right the ship of state. If the establishment is successful in shanking Trump, you will see a large part of the population drop out of the political process, and that is dangerous, when people believe that they no longer has a say, than they no longer have an interest in playing by the rules. Bad things start happening.