Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Power's out

Irma, or at least what was left of it, came through our North Georgia mountains.

Didn't seem like much of a storm by the time it got here, but it took down power in a bunch of places anyway.

Cranked up the lil' generator just after 6:00 am. I have coffee. I have bacon. I should be good for a while.


  1. Hey Doug;

    We did find a bit south of Atlanta, mostly downed trees. The media overhyped the storm and scared the crap out of a bunch of people for nothing.

  2. It's the Sunday after, nearly a week after. In the Atlanta area, Georgia Power this morning said it deems Irma restoration efforts complete (About a thousand customers are still out, but I assume these are either unrelated, or that the homes or businesses need repair before receiving a reconnect). This really didn't seem near the storm that was forecast for the Atlanta area. What would be interesting to know is what the number of line crews is for Georgia (and Florida, for that matter) electric utilities compared to a decade, or 25 years ago. I saw reporting one electric utility bragged it was receiving assistance from crews as far away as California. Sounds more an indictment of regional staffing numbers instead of some thing to brag about.