Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Puerto Rico, politics, and a new round of "blame games"

The Left is already hammering Trump's "lack of response" to the Puerto Rico hurricane disaster.

Seriously? Give me a break.

I saw one story slamming Trump for not having already visited Puerto Rico.

As if tying up airspace and limited airport resources, thereby delaying disaster relief flights, to accommodate Air Force One would be appropriate?

Comparing the response in Puerto Rico to FEMA's response in Texas post Harvey or Florida post Irma is disingenuous.

In Texas and Florida, governors there had plans in place prior to the storm, and took responsibility for early implementation until reinforcements arrived.

In Puerto Rico, being an island (actually islands), disaster response logistics are far more complicated. And Puerto Rico appears to have been far less ready to stand in the gap until help arrived than Texas or Florida.

Consider, for example, the Puerto Rican electric utility declared bankruptcy last July. It's probably safe to say, it's not nearly as well prepared to rebuild a massively damaged grid as its financially solvent state-side counterparts would be.

Trump says it may take a week or two to come up with a comprehensive plan for relief in recovery in Puerto Rico. Sounds like the feds are having to start from scratch. And it's hard to come up with a realistic or effective plan until assessments can be made of damage, and priorities set for what needs to be prioritized.

The lack of immediate action on a comprehensive recovery plan doesn't mean essential disaster relief supplies aren't being pumped into Puerto Rico as fast as possible.

But don't expect logic or reason to keep the political Left from trying to make the Puerto Rico crisis seem somehow to be "Trump's fault."


  1. Maybe we should add this to the mix as a positive example of what Trump could/should have done many days ago.


  2. Hey Doug;

    When you have the mayor(democrat) of San Juan get on the air and blame Trump for the non supplies while she is standing behind pallets of non distributed supplies behind her and somehow she is able to get a shirt printed with a message "we are dying" who is being disingenuous.