Monday, September 4, 2017

Updated Post-Harvey sit-rep

Nine oil refineries remain shut down, seven are in the process of re-start, four are operating at reduced levels. Colonial Pipeline didn't restart gasoline transport ops out of Houston area on Sunday as initially outlooked, Tuesday is the new target.

Rain the forecast for early this week may mean more flooding in Houston.

Here's a link to Sunday's DOE post-Harvey update.

If you want to follow daily updates, you'll find them here.

I don't mind so much that gasoline prices rise following a disaster that impacts production, but it's the potential for outages that concern me. I'm still not sure we won't see wider shortages or outages post-Harvey.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    That is what I am concerned about is the long term gas supply. The American economy moves on a sea of petroleum. If it is short term disruption, we will weather it fine, but if it is long term especially in the Atlanta area where the commute is long and traffic sucks, it will make it worse.