Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ignorant and damn proud of it

Gimme a break. Seriously?

From the FreeBeacon:
"Think about what was happening right before this massacre took place. We have a Congress here in Washington, D.C., that was moving in the exact opposite direction," (USA Today's Heidi) Przybyla said. "They were preparing to loosen gun regulations, to allow people to use these silencers, to make them more available." 
"Because the hunters, their ears were hurting," (MSNBC's Stephanie) Ruhle said mockingly, putting her hands over her ears. "Because those hunters, their ears were hurting."  
Przybyla repeated the talking point of "how much worse" the situation in Las Vegas would have been if the killer had used a silencer.
Just a couple of lefty media idiots who are so uninformed they don't have a clue how ignorant they are.

Putting the sound deadening on the barrel of a gun as opposed to directly over one's ears allows for greater awareness of surroundings when hunting or shooting, as well as protecting one's hearing. If someone wanders into your field of fire while hunting, you'll never hear 'em shout if you have buds in or muffs on. You just might hear 'em if your ears are open but the muzzle is is what's suppressed.

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