Thursday, November 2, 2017

Abuses and consequences

I pretty much assumed something like this had taken place inside the Democratic Party: Obama hijacked it, ran off much of the party's base, left it broke. Then Hillary came along and doubled down on stripping it to a progressive shell.

Now, damn, along comes Donna Brazile who completely validates my outsider assumptions.

Yet Democrat sheeple were so star-struck by their wizards, they never dared to ponder what was happening behind the backstage curtain.

Republicans, too, have an establishment that runs their party for the establishment's interests, not those of the Republican voter.

This is why we now have a populist president. Voters are tired of selfish oligarchs who betray the people with grave regularity.

Thus far, the establishments with both party have shown no interest in reform, in returning to being entities that represent the will or true interests of the American people. They want a top-to-down government with power concentrated at the top.

The longer political establishment pushes against us, the uglier the reckoning will be when it finally comes.  The system can withstand only so much abuse or corruption before something eventually gives way.

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