Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More questions raised than answered

It's reported Roy Moore hung out at the local shopping mall and high school football games. The allegation is he used such locales as pick-up zones. But these are exactly the kind of places a local aspiring politician would frequent to interact with voters, to have a "face" in the community.

It's also been alleged to be an open secret that Moore dated teenage "girls" in the late '70s, implying validity to the allegation he was a sexual predator. But are we really to believe "everyone" at the courthouse, and in the district attorneys office "knew" Moore was predator, but they said nothing for 40 years, waiting only until less than 30 days before an special U.S. senate election?

Also lost in the telling of the story is the difference in societal norms today versus 40 years ago. What might be deemed innocent flirting circa 1979 (or thereabouts) might be considered sexual harassment today. Also in the late '70s, teens were more mature. Eighteen was seen as being an adult. It was still in an era when many entered the work force right out of high school as opposed to going to college. And yes, many young women (and men) still married shortly after graduating high school. 

I have no personal knowledge of what transpired with Moore in Gadsden, Alabama 40 years ago, but the attacks so far are no slam dunk.

I'm also curious why both Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell were so quick to publicly profess they  believe the allegations are true. Is there some "dossier" being passed around among GOP establishment? If so, who wrote it, and who paid to have it produced?

Based on the timing, an orchestrated fabricated smear, like those apparently attempted against Donald Trump last year, seems plausible. A rush to judgment by political establishment in DC, with no obvious effort to vet the allegations, should raise more questions than answers.

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