Sunday, December 3, 2017

Glitchy game

Must've been a huge online audience for Saturday's SEC championship game. The CBS online stream we're forced to watch at the cabin (no access to cable, and trees preclude a dish) kept choking, freezing, and rebuffering.

We ended up listening on radio, and watching the defective delayed stream as snippets of after-the-fact highlights.

We enjoyed the Dawg's radio commentary more than that of CBS.

BTW, CBS stream quit glitching as soon as the game ended, so it appears it was an overloaded server, bandwidth, or some such problem during the game.

One more thought: If viewership of a football game can choke online television, what might happen in the event where a panicked audience piled on in a national emergency or some such thing?

Online TV is great, but it seems it's still got some bugs in it.

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