Friday, January 19, 2018


This sounds like kind of a big deal.

Sara Carter writes:
A review of a classified document outlining what is described as extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse was made available to all House members Thursday and the revelations could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice, several sources with knowledge of the document stated. These sources say the report is “explosive,” stating they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.

Meanwhile, it appears there's a push to pull the NRA into the Russian collusion investigation.

Did the NRA screw up? Or is the FBI attempting to distract from the intel that Sara Carter writes about? 

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  1. Hey Doug;

    The democrats have to try to roll the NRA into anything bad, to them it justifies the means. Also as far as the FISO warrants goes, somebody needs to get run on a rail for using that discredited GPS Fusion report and the career bureaucrats bought it because they wanted to make sure that Clinton won and not Trump.