Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We're not the thinkers we once were

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Remember when Democrats liked guns?

John F. Kennedy, while serving as a US Senator, purchased a real combat rifle from the US military.

For his personal use.

And no one batted an eye over it.

Dick's is at it again

The gun control crowd is doing its happy dance again.

Dick's Sporting Goods now says it will no longer sell "assault style" firearms. 

Yeah, well...

Dick's said the same thing a few years back, then less than a year later was selling them again at stores using a different name.

Question is, how much store traffic, how many sales, does Dick's lose by taking a high demand, high end product from its shelves?

Sports Authority was once a thriving sporting goods chain. But Sports Authority seemed to fall on hard times once it stopped selling guns. And Sports Authority is no longer around.

Sears and Kmart used to sell guns, but bowed to pressure not to. Don't see nearly as many Sears or Kmart stores as you used to.

Gotta question the wisdom of outdoor sports stores like Dick's bowing to anti-gun pressure, and adopting policies to please the anti-gun crowd. You lose a heck of a lot of foot traffic, and repeat customers who would come back for accessories, when you intentionally eliminate a popular product for the sake of pleasing activists who may not be customers (or at least regular customers) in the first place.

I seldom go into a Dick's store. It kinda went off may "go-to" list last time it went pandering to the gun control crowd.

When caught, just deny it ever happened

On February 19, CNN New Day host Alisyn Camerota allows student anti-gun activist David Hogg to label NRA members as "child murders." Camerota doesn't challenge Hogg's statement. CNN then posts the video an online story with the headline Shooting survivor calls NRA 'child murderers'.

Here's where it gets interesting.

By Friday, February 23, Camerota denies on air that the "child murders" theme was allowed on her program.

So much for the concept of presenting news in an honest manner. So much for any attempt to curtail, or even limit, bias in presentation.

Unlike host-driven commentary shows like Maddow or Hannity on MSNBC or Fox News, CNN's New Day markets itself as a morning news program. As such, you'd expect it to play by the rules of honesty in journalism.

Doesn't appear to be the case at New Day where it appears there's no longer any attempt to counter or mitigate bias in presentation. And when New Day gets called out? It just denies it ever happened.

Monday, February 26, 2018

How 'bout it?

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More meddling Russian messaging

RT stands for Russia Today.

It's Russian media. So probably no surprise it cherry picks in attempts to weaken our Bill of Rights. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Doubling down on a theme...

Government can't keep you safe, sometimes it doesn't even try.

Meanwhile. in Coral Springs? Cops there seem eager to differentiate their actions from those allegedly shown by Broward County SO. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Guns. They're out of control!

>Satire alert<


Good signal out of Nashville

WSM's been heavy into Johnny Paycheck and Grandpa Jones tonight.

Gotta wonder.

How many homes today no longer have access to old school coms?

Common sense civil war?

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Expect a spike in gun sales

Gun sales were in the stratosphere when Obama was president.

Sales had significantly mellowed under Trump.

But now that the Lefties are crying for more gun control, expect another spike in sales. Especially for ARs, which are plentiful and cheap right now.

It's estimated Americans spent $29.1 billion on guns when Obama was president. 

What's an average gun price?


Sure, there's far more pricey rifles and specialty guns.

But there's still lots of stuff in the $300 to $500 range in the mass market.

Rough guess, Obama helped put more than 40 million more guns on the street.  By advocating for gun control.

Unintended consequences

Fact is, every new push for gun control has resulted in firearms buying sprees where tens of thousands of additional guns are put into people's hands.

What's made the AR-15 such a big seller in recent years? The fact that gun control activists have been so adamant about the "need" to ban them.

I wonder if these activists have any idea show much cheaper ARs have become in recent years.

Typically, ARs used to start at around $800. Now, because of economies of scale in manufacturing, and increased competition among makers, they typically start at around $500 now, and sometimes can be found for less.

ARs used to be one of the pricier choices on the racks at gun stores. Now they're among the least expensive. And gun control activism has played a big part in pushing the trend.

Emoting their way through disaster where government failed to act

News report shows orchestrated student demonstrations calling for more gun control.

Do these students not realize how badly government employees botched the warning signs in the Parkland?

Between tips to teachers and the FBI, clear warnings were given of the menace. But on various levels, it was inaction by government bureaucrats, not lack of laws or reporting mechanisms, that left the path clear for Nikolas Cruz to do what he did last Wednesday.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tweet by a Facebook exec

Connecting some dots

I'm intrigued by the timeline of the alleged Russian meddling set forth in Friday's Mueller indictments. 

Alleged meddling appeared to get rolling in June 2014, less than four months after Obama's State Department helped orchestrate regime change in Ukraine.

It seems perfectly conceivable Russia might attempt some retaliatory game after the US helped to destabilized one of Russia's closest allies and a bordering neighbor.

At a time of heightened tensions with Russia, it appears the Obama team remained asleep at the switch here (assuming the Mueller accusations and timeline are accurate).

Signs of the season

Heard wild turkeys gobbling somewhere near the cabin this morning.

Earlier in the week, I passed rafter (group) of about 30 turkeys along a roadside not far away.

Frogs and crickets have started making seasonal evening sounds.

Maybe the groundhogs got it wrong this year.

Maybe spring comes early after all.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Parkland school shooting: The day after

Been interesting tracking coverage of the Florida school shooting.

Seems "everyone" at the school pegged the suspect as a potential school shooter, but no one did anything.

The FBI was given the suspected shooter's name five months ago after a post proclaiming intent to become a "professional school shooter." Apparently the FBI shrugged.

Local newspaper in Florida has raised questions about whether the targeted high school's armed school resource officer was on campus at the time of the shooting. There's speculation the deputy may have been off on the day of the shooting, or called to another assignment off-campus, or been out running errands. Or something.

It seemed that when the narrative of the school shooting began to shift to government or bureaucratic failures where the shooting might have been prevented, mainstream media attempted to divert to claims that the shooter was part of some "white nationalist" organisation. But even this seemed to fall apart by day's end.

Despite what may be a series of bureaucratic bumbles and a media misstep, progressives and their lapdog media are again pounding the drum for more gun control. This amounts to a call for law abiding citizens to surrender more rights and freedoms in exchange for more reliance on sloppy government bureaucrats for our safety and the safety of our loved ones.

Do they really think we're that stupid?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Are we there yet?

"Our country is too big for union, too sordid for patriotism, too democratic for liberty. What is to become of it, He who made it best knows. Its vice will govern it, by practising upon its folly. This is ordained for democracies." - Fisher Ames, 1803

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fundamentally changed

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Breach of faith, loss of trust

"I’m not comfortable acting as a supporter or defender of Trump, but I’m even less comfortable with the appearance of a rogue security and law enforcement apparatus gone blatantly political. The so far poorly-explained antics at the FBI and DOJ reflect badly on all vested authority in the country — and especially for any faction that pretends to be on the side of justice. This is a much larger problem than the public debate seems to recognize. We are not far from a point where nobody will be able to believe anything official in this land." - James Howard Kunstler, 29 Jan 2018

h/t: Don Dickinson

Thursday, February 1, 2018

"We are living in difficult times..."

As published in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, September 1948 (click photo to enlarge):