Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dick's is at it again

The gun control crowd is doing its happy dance again.

Dick's Sporting Goods now says it will no longer sell "assault style" firearms. 

Yeah, well...

Dick's said the same thing a few years back, then less than a year later was selling them again at stores using a different name.

Question is, how much store traffic, how many sales, does Dick's lose by taking a high demand, high end product from its shelves?

Sports Authority was once a thriving sporting goods chain. But Sports Authority seemed to fall on hard times once it stopped selling guns. And Sports Authority is no longer around.

Sears and Kmart used to sell guns, but bowed to pressure not to. Don't see nearly as many Sears or Kmart stores as you used to.

Gotta question the wisdom of outdoor sports stores like Dick's bowing to anti-gun pressure, and adopting policies to please the anti-gun crowd. You lose a heck of a lot of foot traffic, and repeat customers who would come back for accessories, when you intentionally eliminate a popular product for the sake of pleasing activists who may not be customers (or at least regular customers) in the first place.

I seldom go into a Dick's store. It kinda went off may "go-to" list last time it went pandering to the gun control crowd.

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