Friday, March 2, 2018

Get over the notion that victims are experts

"Suffering through a terrible crime gives a person no special insight into its causes, and (David) Hogg has no special insight into its causes — or, frankly, into anything else. He’s ignorant about basic civics; he’s liable to backward reasoning; and, unable as he is to synthesize the evolving talking points upon which he relies, he has increasingly come across as slippery." - Charles C. Cooke, at National Review


  1. Hey Doug;

    But thanks to his FBI dad and CNN producer mom, they have made him articulate and pretty for the cameras and the unformed. Funny a generation that eats Tide pods wants to lecture me on civic responsibility.

    1. I've read Hogg's mom is a teacher. One with no past association with CNN that I know of. What may have seem the source of the rumor is that a former CNN political producer (who's been gone from CNN for a decade or so) was the mom who first floated plans for a national school walk out.The ex-CNN mom is in Decatur, GA, and no family ties to Hogg I know of. The photo of Hogg on a CNN set is a photo op set that's part of CNN's studio tour package.