Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Something happening here. But not yet clear exactly what

Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy is six weeks old.

But only the past week has media and Democrat panic ensued. And much of that had to be driving by deceptively out-of-context photos, many from the Obama era, or accusations that detainment on the border is analogous to Nazi concentration camps.

How long does it take a migrant family to hike from El Salvador to El Paso, assuming they're not raped, murdered, and left in mass grave along the way?

What kind of intel is available from the countries of origin, or along the migrant path.

Is it possible fewer families are presently departing, or that some who previously departed have returned on their own upon hearing of the policy change? Is that why Democrats and others on the Left are in panic mode - Trump's strategy is showing signs of success?

I don't know exactly what, but something's going on here, and we're only getting the most thin slice of the story. And even that may to be distorted.

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