Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Behind on my reading

But this merits notation:
Everybody always wonders where the next really big war/disaster/crisis is going to be coming from. You're getting all three of the above at once. It'll be coming from Mexico. You heard it here first.

And it's not just Mexico.

Daniel Ortega's Nicaragua looks like it's already in the opening rounds of civil war.

Venezuela's down for the count.

Trump was ahead of the game. Trump wanted a wall.

Democrats and most Republicans didn't want to see it.

Actually, there are Democrats and other progressives, whether they say it directly or not, who seem eager to see the revolutionary spirits to our south spill over into our territories.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    And it is going to get worse, the democrats are hung up on the immigration issue and it is changing the face of the democratic party, look up in new york, a sitting 10 term democratic congresscritter got bumped off by a socialist hispanic girl. He did all the right thing, supported all the right causes and his "pets" turned on him, to use a phrase I read somewhere else. As Mexico goes down the rabbit hole, we will need to increase the border presence, especially since Mexico is truly hostile toward us and our own PC blinders will not see that fact.