Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Giving Vice News an A for effort

Vice News had what I thought was a good telling of last weekend's Patriot Prayer vs. Antifa clash in Portland, Oregon.

This far-right group is trying to drag leftists into an unwinnable PR war

While not perfect, I think the Vice crew attempted to accurately portray both sides of the story, and unlike most cable news outfits, actually sought to talk to participants on both sides, and let them speak for themselves. No "gotcha game" journalism was attempted.

I didn't watch any cable news coverage of the weekend's events, but if it followed examples I've seen in the past over similar events, there was likely just enough video or live presence to attempt to create an appearance of journalistic legitimacy, but most the content was steered by in-studio commentators who were neither a part of the demonstration or counter-demonstration, and who perhaps had never even been to such an event.

I give Vice an A for effort. Again, not saying it's perfect. But what Vice delivered looked a lot like the kind of journalism we used to practice back in the day, not the club-you-over-the-head-with-bias stuff that permeates so much of what passes for journalism today.

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