Friday, September 14, 2018

So tired of the government employee pity parties

Lots of people seem to be ga-ga over Time's pity party for public school teachers.

Haven't read the story, but what kind of decisions, besides becoming a teacher, led to this woman's financial distress?

I've know many teachers over the years, some in reasonably well paying suburban public school systems, others in rural systems where pay was poor, but was probably in-line or better than many in the same community were earning.

None expressed or showed signs of being in dire financial straits.

Frankly, I'm more concerned how raising property taxes (typically a means to finance public schools) to give teacher raises would impact families of all types as they struggle to meet their obligations.

Property tax rates have increased significantly in the past two to three decades, as local governments promise more and better services to both the community at large and special interest communities.

I'm tired of preachy media, and government employees, thinking all they need do to dole out pay raises for their public sector darlings is to click their heals and tax the rest of us more.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    throwing money at the school system don't solve their problems, for example Washington D.C. schools spends like $18.000.00 per student and the kids graduating can't do anything. If she has a masters degree, that means that she has debt out of her ass and that ain't my problem. I hate to sound cold blooded on this, if she wanted to make more money, she could transfer to a title 1 school where they would pay her student loan debt. I wish that they paid the teachers more money, but the schools have to run on a budget and they pay administrators a lot of money.