Saturday, September 22, 2018

Tactical omissions, perhaps

I've given the benefit of the doubt up until now. While not buying into Christine Blasey Ford's version of events, I've considered she may have confused fragments of memory, while not necessarily accurate, that she believes her remembrance (recovered or otherwise) to be the truth.

But the longer this drags on, the more skeptical I become.

I have begun to wonder if there may be tactical purpose to Ford not remembering the location or the date of the attack she alleges. By omitting such detail, Ford, the accuser denies Supreme Court nomninee Brett Kavanaugh potential alibi.

Should Ford cite a date not knowing Kavanaugh's calendar in '82, it might be determined Kavanaugh was away on a family vacation, or at a concert, or a family birthday celebration.

Longer this drags out, and the accuser's lawyers put crazed conditions (like the accused being told to tell his side only before the accusation is made), I grow exceedingly skeptical.

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