Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Sounds suspicious

Large scale gun thefts are sometimes trafficked to Mexico, or other black market hot spots. But how did the bandits know where the guns were, how did they get access with a U-Haul truck?
ATF: About 400 Guns stolen from UPS facility in Tennessee

Smacks of inside coordination.

Four hundred guns is a lot, but not exactly enough to equip an army. To hear law enforcement in borderline panic mode makes law enforcement seem cowardly and inept.

If there's credible information of an insurrection planned in connection with the theft, that might be different.

Update: Guns recovered. They were apparently on their way to Chicago. 

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  1. Hey Doug;

    It is just gangs keeping the pipeline full into Chicago. This smells like inside job, someone inside the warehouse saw the boxes and tipped someone else off. Gangs have their members work as laborers in warehouses to look for valuables especially firearms.