Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Off the cuff assessment

Democrats retake control of the House, but I've heard mention that some of the Republican incumbents who lost have been soft on their support for the president. Ambivalent House leadership, failure to repeal Obamacare, and a series of budgets that have enlarged national deficits and debt all came back to punish the GOP House.

It appears Republicans have gained at least one Senate seat, with potential to add more, very important for Trump judicial nominations, and any treaties Trump may negotiate.

Expect the new Democratic House to fight Trump and the Republicans in far nastier manner than Republicans fought Obama, nastier than the Democrat House majority after 2006 went after Bush. Risk for the Democrats over the next two years is they become seen as the party of whining obstructionists, the party pushing division and dysfunctional government, thereby alienating those who voted for them in 2018.

That's how things look to me after awaking at 4am to catch a quick update.

It would also appear Georgia's governorship and the governorship in Florida may remain in Republican hands, perhaps giving some regional buffering to the chaos Democrats will attempt to instill by way of Washington.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    Pretty close to my take, the GOP would have done better had they supported Trump more and helped build the wall and other meat and potato's things that the base wanted, but the GOP kinda blew them off so the base wasn't fired up but the democrat base was....and we got what we got, the good thing is that the senate is still Red and the governorship....provided Stacey Abrams concedes but I have doubts, they will make a legal fight of it.