Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Seems to me, this may be a milestone on the road to deeper conflict

We crossed a huge red line this week when we saw how eager media was to smear teens on a field trip in Washington DC.

Some of the kids were wearing MAGA hats, so that justifies targeting them with a smear. That seems to be how media played it.

Even the kids school threw its students under the bus until one of the student's parents hired a crisis management PR team to push back.

And it wasn't long afterword it was exposed about deceptive, deep and ugly the smear was.

The teens didn't approach and harass a party of native American activists. It was the native Americans who made the first move, who got in the kids' faces.

And we still don't know who first put the video and distorted narrative online, only that it came by way of a shadowy Twitter account that may have been operated outside the country... perhaps by an activist or foreign entity troll farm. But it seems pretty clear media didn't care where it came from, they just repeated the hoaxy, smearing narrative to a wider national audience - apparently without making a move to vet the claims presented on social media.

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