Saturday, August 24, 2019

Smooth sailing for Democrats into 2020, or will rough seas sink their socialist fantasies?

"In these horse latitudes of late summer, with the seas becalmed and the riggings a’creak, the Resistance’s ship-of-the-line (a.k.a. the Democratic Party) drifts ever further out of sight of land... Months from now, the accursed vessel may be discovered mysteriously deserted, prompting tales of mutiny and cannibalism, like the brigantine Mary Celeste of legend." - James Howard Kunstler

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  1. Hey Doug,

    The only way for them to win is to cheat like hell and with democrats, you expect voting irregularities and convince everyone that there is a massive recession coming. Other than that, they have nothing, they have scared off the middle of the road voters because of their antics.